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Exclusive Safaris in Kenya

Kenya’s special appeal lies in its many and varied attractions and its contrasting geographical features.

Kenya is a true nature-lovers paradise with no less than forty wildlife sanctuaries where Kenya’s rich natural heritage is protected for posterity. These reserves vary from thick virginal forests in the mountainous areas to the great tracts of Savannah plains with vast concentrations of game – such as the famous Masai Mara Reserve – to the lakes with millions of flamingo, and the marine parks in the turquoise lagoons along miles of palm fringed beaches. Kenya’s panoramic beauty ranges from mountains clad in eternal snows, to arid deserts in the North, and the wonder of the Great Rift Valley (a fracture in the Earth’s crust five thousand kilometres long) with its chain of lakes, amid ominously silent volcanoes.

Exclusive Safaris in Tanzania

Tanzania is a country of superlatives. It is famous for Mt. Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain (19,034ft./6340m.) its snow-capped dome looming majestically over the surrounding country; the Serengeti plains, where over two million wild animals co-exist and which is the source of the spectacular annual migration of countless wildebeest.

The Ngorongoro is one of nature’s splendid creations, a massive caldera crater which is a haven for many species of game, including the “Big Five”. Nearby, glinting in the Great Rift Valley lies Lake Manyara, with its tree-climbing lions and herds of cape buffalo.

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